Photography by Ian King

Photography by Ian King

Who is Ariyel?

Ariyel was born in Glendale, Arizona to a bassist named Michael and a music teacher named Paula. After her brother Nathan was born, and Ariyel was sufficiently surrounded by talented musicians (yes Nathan sings, and he IS single), they moved to Los Alamos, New Mexico. Paula would spend her time here as Ariyel’s teacher, putting her in the back of the chorus to avoid the looks of nepotism. Ariyel would spend her time here singing Britney karaoke tracks into her closet mirror.  Once the family finally moved to Oregon, Ariyel got her first solo, and wrote her first song at the age of eleven; there was no turning back.

Now, Ariyel is a singer/songwriter based in Boston, Massachusetts and attending Berklee College of Music.  Her mission is to help people understand themselves and feel understood through her music. Currently she is working with her new band and writing for her upcoming  EP. She posts updates on her most recent projects on her Facebook, Youtube, and Instagram, all of which have incredibly convenient links below this paragraph.